Step 1: Choose Your Pergola Configuration

freestanding pergola
Attached pergola
pergola is supported on all sides by at least 4 columns
pergola is attached to an existing structure

Step 2: Enter Your Measurements and Select a Rafter Tail Design

Fiberglass Pergola Column Reference

Depth: feet inches

Width: feet inches
Fiberglass Pergola Rafter Tails: Windsor Rafter Tail and Purlin
Santa Fe
Fiberglass Pergola Rafter Tails: Santa Fe Rafter Tail and Purlin
Fiberglass Pergola Rafter Tails: Kensington Rafter Tail and Purlin
Baldwin Cut
Fiberglass Pergola Rafter Tails: Baldwin Cut Rafter Tail and Purlin
Custom Fiberglass Pergola Rafter Tail

Step 3: Choose Your Columns and Mounting Surface

Round 10 in. by 8 ft
Round 10 in. by 10 ft

Round 12 in. by 8 ft
Round 12 in. by 10 ft

Square 10 in. by 8 ft
Square10 in. by 10 ft
Fiberglass Pergola Columns

Number of Columns:
(Leave Blank To Auto-Calculate)
Mounting Surface:

Step 4: Choose Your Paint

Standard White Custom Color (Brand and Paint Code):

Step 5: Enter Your Zipcode



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