• curved fiberglass pergola
  • curved fiberglass pergola
  • curved fiberglass pergola
  • curved fiberglass pergola

Baldwin Curved Pergolas

Baldwin Pergolas is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of curved aluminum/fiberglass hybrid pergolas. We offer options for both the residential and commercial markets. In the past curved pergolas have been reserved soley for commercial clients as they were cost prohibitive. Costs associated with these structures include the oversized aluminum beams and the process required to curve them. Through innovative design and the economy of scale we are pleased to announce that we have devised a product for the residential market as well. A curved pergola is the perfect addition to any terrace, pool patio or outdoor kitchen. Below you will find our three standard designs along with budgetary pricing! Our commercial portfolio and complimentary pricing can be viewed here.

Features & Benefits

Durable Construction: Unlike the competition, our pergolas are built using only stuctural fiberglass and aluminum components. No plastic or PVC here!

Columns: We offer a wide variety of column shapes and sizes. Options range from smooth or fluted round columns to smooth or recessed square columns.

Rafter Tails: With a variety of standard options available you are sure to find one that fits your vision and existing architecture.

Custom Finishes: Choose from a massive library of Sherwin Williams colors or have us match your existing finishes.

Zero Maintenance: Who likes maintenance? Our pergolas offer a zero maintenance structure that will help you create your dream backyard!

Our Work

Lon C. Hill Park - Harlingen, TX

curved pergola.

We Do Municipal

This project was designed and manufactured for use around a splash pad at Lon C. Hill Park in Harlingen, TX.

curved pergola.

Custom Sizes

We work with architects and engineers to develop a design that completes their vision and exceeds expectations. This massive structure has outside column centers that measure at over ninety feet!

curved pergola.


We utilize custom connections, that have been designed in house and easily pass engineering reviews. In this case the 6x10" aluminum beams are connected to the columns with 1/2" thick, custom fabricated, aluminum beam saddles.

curved pergola.

Notched Members

All of our fiberglass members are precisely notched to exacting tolerances using state-of-the-art CNC machining. This allows for a perfect fit and an extremely rigid structure.

curved pergola.


We offer options. Whether you're project requires a custom finish color, a specific column size or an exacting radius, Baldwin has got you covered!

curved pergola.

Stretch Formed Aluminum Beams

Our structural aluminum beams are available in a variety of sizes and can be curved to an exacting radius. We accomplish this by utilizes stretch forming technology that consistently provides the desired outcome.

Village of Idlewild - Fredericksburg, VA

curved pergola.

We Do Residential

When the Village of Idlewild homeowners association needed to replace their aging and deteriorating pergolas, they called Baldwin.

curved pergola.

Zero Maintenance

Our curved pergolas are built to last. Typically engineered to a wind loading of 140mph, our pergolas feature cast FRP columns, structural aluminum beams and structural fiberglass pultrusions.

curved pergola.

A Gentle Curve

A curved pergola by Baldwin is perfect for numerous commercial applications. Whether you are an architect looking to add some flare to a courtyard on a residential housing project or a hospital looking to dress up an entryway, a curved pergola is the perfect choice.

curved pergola.

Attention To Detail

With a wide variety of options and rafter styles we offer our clients whatever it is they are looking for. Whether it's a pergola that exemplifies a fusion of traditional and modern design features or an entirely contemporary design, Baldwin delivers!

curved pergola.

Timeless Design

In collaboration with the project architect, we were able to manufacture this pergola to exacting specifications to match the radius of the proposed sidewalk.

curved pergola.

The Perfect Accent Piece

When choosing an architectural products manufacturer, experience matters. The team at Baldwin Pergolas has decades of industry leading experience. Call us today for your free consultation.

Beebe Healthcare - Lewes, DE

curved pergola.

We Do Healthcare

This project was completed for Beebe Healthcare. The pergola sits at the edge of Beebe's Lewes, DE campus.

curved pergola.

Beyond Structural

Our curved pergolas are built to last. Typically engineered to a wind loading of 140mph, our pergolas feature cast FRP columns, structural aluminum beams and structural fiberglass pultrusions.

curved pergola.

Aesthetics Matter

A curved pergola by Baldwin is perfect for numerous commercial applications. Whether you are an architect looking to add some flare to a courtyard on a residential housing project or a hospital looking to dress up an entryway, a curved pergola is the perfect choice.

curved pergola.

Modern Flair

With a wide variety of options and rafter styles we offer our clients whatever it is they are looking for. Whether it's a pergola that exemplifies a fusion of traditional and modern design features or an entirely contemporary design, Baldwin delivers!

curved pergola.

We Collaborate

In collaboration with the project architect, we were able to manufacture this pergola to exacting specifications to match the radius of the proposed sidewalk.

curved pergola.

Experience Matters

When choosing an architectural products manufacturer, experience matters. The team at Baldwin Pergolas has decades of industry leading experience. Call us today for your free consultation.

Avalon Bay - Huntington Station, NY

curved pergola.

We've Got you Covered From Start to Finish

We work with clients from conception to completion on even the most challenging projects. This project called for a massive curved pergola one hundred feet in diameter and five smaller structures.

curved pergola.

We Do Aluminum and Fiberglass Construction

Our curved pergolas are an aluminum/fiberglass hybrid design that is achieved by bending and annealing 4x12" aluminum beams. The rafters and purlins are manufactured with fiberglass and everything is built to an exacting tolerance.

curved pergola.

We Do Quality

We know quality matters, that's why all of our fiberglass is manufactured right here in the U.S.A. and features thicker walls than the competition. We use only the highest quality American made materials whenever possible.

curved pergola.

We Do Details

The 10x10" square columns stand atop a 16" retaining wall with inner and outer one inch bevels. This left no room for tradional Tuscan style capitals and bases and required us to custom fabricate a trim package with PVC. Our experienced design team works out the details ahead of time so you don't have to.

curved pergola.

We Speak Your Language

At Baldwin we work with industry leading architects and innovators. We constantly challenge the standards of design and quality and we are THE industry leader.

curved pergola.

We Do Interlocking Notched Rafters and Purlins

This one pergola was built with 750 purlins. Each one is notched at a left and right angle and interlocks with the rafters to create a more rigid structure.

curved pergola.

We Do Projects Large and Small

This project required several smaller pergolas and one massive pergola, the one shown above is the perfect addition to any pool patio.

curved pergola.

We Accept Only the Most Exacting Tolerances Meet Our Standards

We allow 0.040" inch tolerance within our notches which makes space for the two coats of primer and paint. With tolerances this high the details are critical for ensuring a perfect fit and finish.

curved pergola.

We Do Curved Pergolas

If you are interested in a pergola done right for your next commercial project, call Baldwin today!

Avalon Bay - Great Neck, NY

curved pergola.

We Do Curves

Another beautiful hybrid aluminum/fiberglass pergola that we did for Avalon. We used the same combination of aluminum beams and fiberglass members to create this stunning custom pergola.

curved pergola.

We Do Modern

This pergola combines a clean modern design with timeless rope lighting perfectly.

curved pergola.

We Do Electrical

We offer a wide variety of electrical options to in-column switches and outlets, concealed in-beam lighting, HDMI and much more.

curved pergola.

We Share

All of our shop drawings are done in-house and are available to our clients in DWG form upon request. We do not require complicated and messy non-disclosure agreements.

curved pergola.

We Do Safety

Safety is important. We respect and understand your organizations safety requirements. Not only do we comply with work site safety requirements, we also will provide Material Safety Data Sheets upon request.

Our Process

Initial Contact: We are typically contacted by the project architect, designer, engineer or even the end user. At this point we discuss and evaluate the clients needs and vision.

Design Process: We will request critical dimensions and design details. We will then begin the design phase.

Conceptual Drawings: We will produce conceptual drawings to be shared with the architect and the end user. We typically exchange CAD files with the architect or designer as a way finalizing details.

Proposals: Once we have gathered enough information we will produce a proposal with budgetary pricing.

Submittals: Once the details have been finalized, we will produce a submitalls package that contains shop drawings and technical specifications.

Contracts: Once our submittals have been approved by the architect or end user we typically enter into an agreement with a general contractor who has been selected to oversee the project.

Fullfillment: We will coordinate closely with the general contractor to ensure that they have been informed of all necessry sitework requirements and that we understand and are able to meet the clients deadline.

Details Make Baldwin the Obvious Choice

Why Baldwin?

Our Team

Our Planning and Design Team

Max Baldwin founded Baldwin Pergolas over 30 years ago and is considered a leading expert in the industry. With decades of experience you can count on Baldwin to get the job done right the first time! At Baldwin we care and we have an experienced design and sales team that is prepared to guide you through the process of creating your perfect pergola. Mike Hurlburt is our project manager and is ready to help you design and build your dream pergola TODAY!

Why Baldwin?

Structural Columns, caps and bases

Our Materials

All of our columns are high density FRP fiberglass and will last for generations. Our competitors use high density foam or hollow plastic column capitals and bases. We do not. Rather, we use the same high density FRP that is found in our columns to ensure durability and longevity.

Why Baldwin?

Fiberglass rafter tails

Our Rafter Tails

Our rafter tails are precision crafted by utilizing cutting edge CNC technology.

Why Baldwin?

Other manufacturers rafter tails

Their Rafter Tails

Many of our competitors employ a substandard rafter tail design. They achieve their rafter tails by attaching countoured block of foam to a square cut fiberglass tube. We epoxy high density polyurethane foam inside of our fiberglass pultrusions and then precisely cut our contours directly into the fiberglass with a CNC machine.

Why Baldwin?

Baldwin Pergolas worker tightening threaded rod like crazy

Our Tie-Downs

Max Baldwin and company pioneered the industry standard column mounting system which uses threaded rods to tie down columns to slabs or concrete footings. We use 5/8" inch diameter stainless steel threaded rods that attach at the footing, run the length of the column and are fastened to a structural aluminum assembly at the top of the column. Each threaded rod provides approximately 6000lbs of downward force to prevent uplift.

Why Baldwin?

Baldwin uses only stainless steel hardware

Stainless Steel Hardware

We use only stainless steel hardware in our pergolas because we believe in using the highest quality materials available. If it's not perfect, it's not a Baldwin.

Why Baldwin?

Baldwin Pergolas notch together

Notched Intersections

We carefully design and notch our pergolas to make the structure more beautiful, stronger and easier to assemble. You just match the notches up and it slides together. No measuring is required.

Why Baldwin?

Baldwins pergolas create more shade

More Shade

We offer a variety of options from canopy shade systems to vertical curtains.

Why Baldwin?

Running wires through a baldwin fiberglass pergola

Concealed Wires

All of our fiberglass pultrusions and columns are hollow and act as conduit allowings us to conceal any and all wiring. Please be sure to coordinate your lighting, A/V and other electrical needs in advance with one of our design consultants.

Why Baldwin?

Baldwin Pergolas notch together

Color selection

We use PPG industrial grade exterior paints and we are able to match any color. In each case, we purchase screw caps to match your preferred color of paint. Our pergolas are built with a designers eye for quality and none of our fasteners are exposed.

Options - Decisions you will need to make when ordering


This image shows an attached fiberglass pergola

Attached or Freestanding?

Our typical attached pergola consists of a set of main beams running parallel to the house as well as a ledger that connects to the side of your the house. They require less columns, less footings and ultimately a lower price tag. Freestanding pergolas are more popular.


We must determine the width and depth of your pergola

Depth and Width

Our pergolas are available in standard sizes for easy pricing, but we can custom tailor the size of your pergola to your exact requirements. Our order form makes this simple and fast. You will need to tell us exactly where you want the centers of your columns. Custom drawings will be created for your review and approval.


this is a picture of a tall fiberglass pergola canopy


We encourage our clients to build shorter pergolas, the ideal height is eight feet. We are able to accomodate taller designs.


Choosing the diameter of a column is critical to the look of the pergola

Choice of column size and shape

We offer a wide variety of column architectures and can easily match existing structures. Whether your looking for recessed, fluted, tapered or smooth, Baldwins got you covered.


Choose your capital stlye

Column Capitals and Bases

We offer a wide variety of column capitals and bases, whether you are looking for a classic or clean modern aesthetic we've got you covered. Our most popular design is Tuscan and we offer Corinthian, Doric, Modern Komposite, Scamozzi and many more.



Rafter Tails

Baldwin offers a wide variety of rafter tails from the classic designs such as Windsor and Kensington to more contemporary angle cuts. We are able to accomodate almost any custom rafter tail design.


Choose your color


We use only the highest quality industrial PPG coatings and we are able to match any color.


Copper flashing is a distinctive architectural detail

Copper Flashing

Its the finer details that distinguish a fine home. Baldwin Pergolas allows one to make that distinction with subtle copper flashing. Historically the columns were made of wood and their tops required protection from rain and sun. A sheet of copper would be custom bent to protect the capital. Only a quarter inch of flashing is visible from ground level. We believe that the details define us.


Baldwin Pergolas installs


Our pergolas are specifically designed for an easy installation and require only a few tools and no experience. Baldwin offers installation services for clients within 150 miles of our facility in Middletown, CT.


Pergola canopies are becoming more and more popular

Shade Systems

Overhead fabric sun-shades have become more and more popular in recent years. Our preferred shade consists of one large sheet of fabric which extends and retracts. More information is available in our Shade Systems section of the website.

terminology thumb


Fiberglass pergola terminology

Footing: A concrete anchor which holes the pergola to the earth. They need to be deeper than the front line, but also large enough and deep enough to hold the pergola to the Earth during a strong wind. Footing size should never be less the 42" deep and 12" diameter.

Pier: This in a small stone wall on which a pergola can be mounted. The pier is always supported by a footing or a concrete slab.

Column: Our columns are hollow, cast fiberglass, vertical supports which and load bearing. They stand atop the footing or pier and support the pergola. At the top of the column is the capital. At the bottom is the base.

Main Beams: The beam which sits atop the columns and supports the rafters. The main beams consist of a set of two parallel 2x8's which are spaced 5" apart. The beams are hollow and may contain wires for lights or speakers. Some beams are built to conceal water lines as well.

Rafters: These are the primary shade creating members make up the pergola. They are 2" thick by 8" tall. They notch down over the main beams and support the purlins

Purlins: These make up the top layer of the pergola. Each purlin measures 2" thick by 3" tall. They notch down over the rafters and keep the rafters in a perfect grid.

Overhang: This is the distance from the center of a column to the tip of the rafter or purlin.

Spans and height

Spans and height limits

We specially manufacture our fiberglass members to include a subtle upward curve, otherwise known as a crown. This allows us to span greater distances without any sagging of parts. Extreme spans require engineering and custom solutions such as internal aluminum reinforcement or other advanced techniques.

Spans are measured from center of footing to center of footing. Often the design calls for large open spans so a beautiful view can be unobstructed. This causes two design concerns: The beam must be built in such a way that it can support the weight of the rafters and purlins without sagging. The larger concern is this: The wind loading of the entire pergola must be divided by the number of columns. Fewer columns means more stress on each column. We solve this wide span problem by placing two columns close together on either end of the span.

Especially large spans and commercial projects call for our massive 4" x 12" fiberglass beams. We use them in sets of two, so the resulting beam is tremendous. These are also crowned and a single beam can receive over 1000 pounds of load and still have a gentle upward crown! We often use them on projects just for the visual effect, so please be sure to ask us about our large beams. They are not an option on the web site pricing tool yet.

Height is also a structural concern because each column has mechanical advantage like a lever. When you apply ten pounds of force to the side of the top, you exert eight times that amount of force to the bottom, assuming that the column is eight feet tall. If the column is ten feet tall, then the stress at the bottom is ten times greater then the initial ten pounds. Our typical offerings are designed to endure high winds, but large residential pergolas and commercial jobs may require engineering. These are things which get discussed.


Easy Shade Canopy

Baldwin easy shade canopy

Baldwin easy shade canopy

Our easy shade system work very well with our fiberglass pergolas. We have a entire page of information about the Easy Shade system which you can link to here. The information on this page is specific to combining an Easy Shade system with a Baldwin Fiberglass Pergola.

The Easy Shade has a main, central beam which wants to be centered and run perpendicular to the rafters. When you order a pergola with a shade system, we create three of your rafters with lumber inside which allows one to attach the mono beam securely.

The fabric is hung from cross-bars which roll back and forth within the centered mono beam. We restrict each end of the cross bar from being blown upward with shade rails. These shade rails attach to the inner face of the main beams. If your pergola is attached to your house, then the inner shade rail is attached to the bottoms of the rafters. By lowering the outermost shade rail, we can get rainwater to flow away from the house.

Customer ordering a pergola

The pergola ordering process


Determine where you want the center of your columns. Measure distance in width and depth. Determine how much overhang you would like on each side. Overhang is measured from the center of the post to the tip of the rafter or purlin. Our standard overhand is 24” inches. Rafter length is your depth from center of column to center of column plus your front and rear overhangs. Purlin length is your width from center of column to center of column plus your left and right overhangs. Consider height and sight lines. Remember, short pergolas give more shade under the pergola. Consider the time of day you will use your pergola and the angle of the sun at that time. We'll be better able to assist you if you take a few photos and send them to us.

Go online

We have an online pergola pricing tool you can use to configure your pergola. When you are using the pricing tool, you will need to select your options such as: The cut on the ends of the beams and rafters, column size and type, color, fabric color.

The pergola pricing tool will give you a price for the pergola, your electrical options, drapery and even a trucking quote. It’s easy to modify your pergola until it is exactly what you desire. You can feel comfortable using this no dicker, always accurate pricing tool. We do reserve the right to adjust prices due to lumber costs without notice.

If the pergola you desire cannot be built using our system, please enter the pergola as closely as possible then describe what you would like done differently in the notes section. You can also call our sales team during business hours at 800 344-5103x1 and they will do all of this for you.

When you are pleased with your pergola and are ready to talk to one of our designers, click the “Submit information” button. Your data gets sent to us.

On our side

We review your pergola choices and call you to answer any questions you might have. We suggest making changes that would either make your pergola more useful or more beautiful, but we also look for ways to reduce the lead time and your cost.

Deposit then Drawings

Along the way you can request an elevation drawing of the front, back, or either side so you can see what pergola will look like. Based on this visual, you may request changes. We adjust your file and explain the change in price. We also create another visual for your approval. We do require a 50% deposit before working plans are created. When you get your plans, you confirm every detail and we begin production.

Scheduling & Logistics

During production you may get a call or email from the production team asking about your ceiling fan height or what color light switches you want. When the pergola kit is complete, we require final payment before shipping. If you are within 300 miles, we offer you our in-house, white glove delivery service. Other then that, we use Yellow Freight as our over the road trucking company.


Baldwin Pergolas are designed to be very easy to put together, but there are still difficult aspects such as using a level to determine the lengths of the posts, cutting the posts to length, drilling the concrete and anchoring the mounting brackets. If this sounds like more then you want to do, we may be able to suggest experienced pergola installers in your area.

Pergola prices

Pricing chart

Use the following chart as a guideline to learn what a Baldwin fiberglass pergola might cost.  More precise pricing can be found by designing your pergola using our custom pergola pricing tool. See Pricing link below.

Pricing of freestanding fiberglass pergolas with four columns:

Overall size Column centers Base price Shade system Site plan
12 x 12' 8 x 8' $9245 $2420 pdf
12 x 14' 8 x 10' $9376 $2690 pdf
12 x 16' 8 x 12' $10,255 2940 pdf
12 x 18' 8 x 14' $7123 $1720 pdf
12 x 20' 8 x 16' $11,443 $3650 pdf
14 x 14' 10 x 10' $10,272 $3220 pdf
14 x 16' 10 x 12' $10,813 $3560 pdf
14 x 18' 10 x 14' $11,357 $4200 pdf
14 x 20' 10 x 16' $12,177 $4200 pdf
14 x 24' 10 x 20' $15,281 $4920 pdf
16 x 16' 12 x 12' $11,453 $3640 pdf
16 x 18' 12 x 14' $12,050 $4510 pdf
16 x 20' 12 x 16' $12,962 $4510 pdf
16 x 24' 12 x 20' $16,172 $5220 pdf
16 x 28' 12 x 24' $18570 $5920 pdf
18 x 18' 14 x 14' $12,692 $5110 pdf
18 x 20' 14 x 16' $13,696 $5110 pdf
18 x 24' 14 x 20' $17,010 $6060 pdf
18 x 28' 14 x 24' $19,517 $6580 pdf
18 x 32' 14 x 28' $21,330 $8360 pdf
20 x 20' 16 x 16' $14,563 $5390 pdf
20 x 24' 16 x 20' $18,008 $6310 pdf
20 x 28' 16 x 24' $20,645 $8360 pdf
20 x 32' 16 x 28' $22,631 $9220 pdf
20 x 36' 16 x 32' $24,219 $10780 pdf

* Note: These pergolas include 10" inch diameter round columns. All other columns are 12" round, 10" square or 12" square.


"First, man defines his architecture. Forever after, his architecture defines him."