Step 1: Select The Size For Your New Pergola

Note: Changing the size of your pergola will reset all options.

Step 2: Select Your Post Options

Superior Posts
Your Pergola comes standard with Posts. Would you like to add additonal posts?
(Add $387.00 Per Post)

Yes No

How Many?
Superior Posts
Superior Posts
(Add $360.00 Per Post)

Yes No
Electric Package
Our electrical package consists of exterior grade wire mold, two exterior boxes, one outlet, one switch and a roll of wire. We charge $250 for this kit. How many would you like?
(Add $250.00 Per Kit)

Yes No

How Many?
8x8 Post for a Pavilion
Upgrade to 8x8 vinyl posts?
Note: Superior posts are not available for 8x8's
(Add $306.00 Per Post)

Yes No

Step 3: Select Your Finish

Solid White Finish

Ivory Finish
(Add $0.00)

Step 4: Enter Your Zipcode



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